What You Need To Know About Solar Panels

With the popularity of green power reaching newer heights with every passing day, solar panels have turned out to be one of the most preferred choices of homeowners. Switching to solar power comes with a host of advantages – for starters, it helps you to cut costs and also save the environment! 

If you are considering investing in solar panels for office or home from Solar NextGen, then here are a few things you should first know:

What are solar panels made of?

As mentioned before, the panel consists of photovoltaic cells made of silicon or any other semi-conductor of that sort that traps sunlight and then converts it into electricity. Now when the sun shines brightly and the light hits the solar cells, the electrons flow throughout the cells, generating electricity.

Also installing small solar panels at home can convert about 20% of the received sunlight into electricity.

How many types of solar panels are there?

There are two major types, namely, a solar thermal panel that derives sunlight and then uses it to heat water and solar panel which converts sunlight into electricity.

What is the maintenance routine of solar panels?

 The good news is once you have successfully managed to install Solar Panels for Home or commercial purposes, there is no additional maintenance required. The only thing you would have to ensure is that the panels are clean and not overshadowed by any object. Also if the roof on which the panel is installed is tilted, it would not require much of a cleaning spree.

Solar panels are blessed with a longer life; they come with a warranty of 25 years but can last till about 35-40 years. 

Do solar panels require direct sunlight to function?

If you are worried thinking whether you would stay without electricity during cloudy days, then, no need to worry! Although flexible solar panels are most effective when direct sunlight reaches the panel, even during cloudy and winter days, you would get sunlight. No electricity would be freshly produced in the night, but the presence of a storage system would solve this problem completely.

You can even make money by selling surplus energy to the national grid which would eventually compensate for the solar panel cost and installation charges you have incurred.

What are the potential issues you should be careful about?

Before purchasing solar panels, you should keep in mind the inclination and the shape of the roof as well as the location of your house. Also at the time of installation, you should check whether the solar panel is shaded by trees and bushes and also if it is sheltered from heavy winds and rain.

Do you need to acquire any permissions before installing solar panels?

Fortunately, you would not require filing for any permission to install the Best Solar Panels from Solar NextGen, as long as the solar panels measure within 200 mm. If the solar panel exceeds this size, then you might need to get permission from relevant authorities, about which the Solar NextGen team can guide you.