What Size Solar Panel Do I Need? Bigger May Not Be Better

With each passing day, the demand for solar panels and inverters is increasing, as more Australians are turning to a sustainable source of power. Now, before you choose solar power, it is important to ask the right questions about buying Solar panels Queensland. These questions will include, what should be the size of the solar panel and what is the size of the solar panels that you will actually need.

It is important to understand that physical dimensions will not always correlate with capacity. Even Small Solar Panels can have higher capacities and thus researching is important.

Choosing the dimensions

As mentioned earlier, the physical dimensions of the solar panel have nothing to do with the output or efficiency. Both factors vary substantially and are independent of the size factor. You will see that Best Solar Panels with the same dimensions can be rated at 300W and 375W depending on its efficiency.

There are basically two types of solar modules that are considered as their dimensions:

  1. 60 cell solar modules
  2. 72 cell solar modules

The main difference lies in the height of the modules.

Choosing the right size

The 72 cell solar modules are used for commercial purposes. You will find 60-cell dimensions in the Solar Panels for Home. So that will make things easier for you. The main reason behind this is the fact that Small Solar Panels are easier to be installed at home whereas the larger ones are quite difficult due to lack of space.

There are multiple advantages and disadvantages of installing bigger 5kw solar inverter, let us discuss all of them one by one:


  • You will get a slightly better watt output per meter square as you will have more solar cells.
  • The size is bigger which means you will have to use a fewer number of panels which implies lesser electrical connectors.
  • As the number of panels is less, hence the installation time will also be less.
  • The bigger panels are the trend of the town, which means they have come from newer production lines and thus, they must be from newer stocks. You can get them at Solar NextGen which is a one-stop destination for all types of solar panels.


  • They will constrict your system design in terms of the space where they would fit.
  • They can also construct their designs in terms of their wiring as they will be producing so many volts.
  • As they are big and heavy, hence installation can be tricky and dangerous.
  • In case anything goes wrong after the warranty period expires, then the bigger ones can be more expensive to replace.

Final verdict

Thus, it is important to focus on efficiency and output rather than the bigger size or Solar Panel Cost. If you are thinking about buying solar panels for your home or office, then we will recommend you to take a look at Solar NextGen website. Here you will get the best quality solar panels, of all sizes at the most affordable price.  There is a huge array of options for you to choose from.