Things To Know About Solar Panels and Birds

You need to conserve your solar panels from birds.

Solar panels are sustainable in all terms as it helps to avoid carbon footprints, reduce environmental pollution, and take care of your budget by reducing it through renewable energy to power your home and business. Thus, it does not only help you instead helps the planet to be energy independent, sustainably, and cleanly. However, you cannot forget that everything has a positive and negative side. It is even considered that birds or critters can get under the panels. We know very well that most small animals and birds enjoy their nesting in gutters, panels, or places where they feel safe. Now, what is our lookout that needs to be decided through which the lives can be preserved and solar panels can be installed?

Good for birds?

You might be threatened with the thought that solar panels or solar power can affect the birds. The actual scenario is entirely different as solar panels benefit the birds. 2/3rd of Australian electricity is generated by natural gas, coal, and burning oil which combusts and releases carbon pollution to form a blanket layer in the atmosphere trapping the heat. The pollution further becomes the reason for environmental issues internationally, for which birds are forced to find new places to feed and leave. In addition, 2/3rd of Australian birds’ face extinction if we fail to find a way to reduce the temperature, as per Audubon society. Luckily solar panel doesn’t use natural gases or coals to produce energy as it only requires direct sunlight.

Attract birds?

Solar panels attract birds in several ways. The reflective surface of solar panels often attracts the birds by confirming those as windows. Quite surprisingly, for safety purposes, even birds get attracted to solar panels as they find their way under panels to nest where they can keep their young ones safely cared for, as solar panels offer coverage and warmth through weather elements.

Kill birds?

Solar panels are not affecting birds or kill the birds through the reflective properties of solar panels often attract the birds, which resemble moving water while the birds fly above. Illusion usually ends with the hurting or killing of the creators by the attempt to dive into the water body. Mostly aquatic birds are the birds who dive into solar panels. Residential solar systems do not confirm such types of issues. If they do not have large water bodies closely, still possibility can be there. Researchers even use artificial intelligence to monitor the type of birds that dive into solar panels to prevent them from doing the same. There can be particular types of birds who drive into solar panels more; however, the consensus is the death of the birds by the solar panel is exaggerated. The nonprofit environment organization National Audubon Society even supports using photovoltaic solar power. As per Audubon society, if the installation is done with care, then the solar panels would be a renewable energy source and can benefit the birds and cannot be the reason for their death.

Can birds damage it?

Solar panel systems have enough space between the roof and the panel to allow space for ventilation and wearing where many small animals like birds nest or take shelter to have safety from hot temperature, rain, or wind as the panels offer protection to the critters. With building a nest under a solar panel, dead cheeks, broken eggs, or birds dropping are even lived under a solar panel. If the panels are covered by such waste, it can reduce airflow, which is needed to prevent overheating for the solar panels. The bird may even damage your gutter causing blockage with an unpleasant smell and site. Infestation can block the gutters to damage the roof within seven days if it is not monitored carefully. Bird dropping is not the case for solar panels only. It can even be at the top. Hence, it will be better to clean these with a regular interval as otherwise, considerations can be followed by lowering the effectiveness of the panel if the dropping becomes hard by the heat.

Damaging by other creatures

Except for birds, creatures like squirrels even can nest under solar panels. More shockingly, they can even chew exposed wires to cause your system ineffectiveness, followed by your suffering. It will not only impact energy generation for the panel. Instead, you even have to hole your pocket to repair chewed-up wire. Thereby it is best to monitor the cables regularly to identify any possibility of infestation issues. In addition, the nesting materials and chewed debris can only pose a fire hazard that can threaten you.

You need to conserve your solar panels from birds. You can opt for any of the options to do so-

Wire mesh – wire mesh in the edges of the solar panel can help prevent any small animal or bird from nesting under the system. It even prevents debris from being collected under or in between solar panels.

Roof spikes – it does not hurt birds, though they make it uncomfortable for them, which prevents them from nesting or landing near panels.

Plastic predators – birds cannot identify artificial birds. Putting some decoys on the roof can prevent the birds from being attracted to the solar panels.

Further cleaning the panel regularly with enough care for mounting issues is essential to have long-term benefits for the solar panel.