Save The Earth And Your Electricity Expenses With 5kW Solar Panel Inverters

With growing awareness about using renewable sources of energy for daily consumption, small solar panels have gained a lot of traction today. If you are trying to go green to save the environment, the first major resource that you need to cut back on is electricity. And Solar NextGen is here to tell you that you can also harness solar energy in your home with the help of 5kW solar panel inverters. 

Not only will these 5kW solar panel inverters create an optimum source of renewable energy for your home, but they will also save a potential amount of non-renewable resources like coal and petroleum, which are crucial to the production of commercial electricity. Thus, you will have a solar system including a solar panel for home and a 5kW solar panel inverter, which will use the infinitely potential sunlight to power up your home. 

You can be happy knowing the fact that the electricity produced will not further pollute the environment, nor will it destroy the Earth’s limited natural resources! 

While the 5kW solar panel inverter is perfect for domestic use, you can also procure the 10kW solar panel system for all your industrial needs. This product is extremely versatile, and you can use it in a variety of different spaces for diverse utilities. Moreover, you also get to optimize your electricity bills at the end of each month with 5kW solar panel inverters.

Now, isn’t that a fantastic deal already? What more reasons can you look for to invest in a solar system. 

And the best thing is that you are in the right place with Solar NextGen right beside you!

Get the Best 5kW Solar Panel Inverter From the Top Manufacturers

Solar NextGen is the perfect spot for you to find out all about 5kW solar panel inverters. Here, you will find the best solar panels, inverters, and solar system equipment at extremely reasonable prices. 

Starting with Fronius Inverter and SMA Sunny Boy from SMA Solar Inverter, to ABB Inverter, Huawei Inverter, Solaredge Inverter, Sungrow Inverter, Zeversolar Inverter and many more – We have got all of them right here for you!

But before you go about purchasing a 5kW solar panel inverter, let us help you in case you are not sure about which type to buy.

Which Type of 5kW Solar Panel Inverters Should You Buy?

ome homes have a three-phase supply, which means that they need to go for a 3-phase solar inverter in their homes. However, most homes in Australia have a single-phase electrical supply. Please see below for the types of 5kw solar panel inverters that are suited for such homes:

One of the greatest advantages of an off-grid solar inverter is that it has a powerful battery backup. This means that the system functions even when the battery is not connected to the grid. With this type of inverter, you can manage a whole lot of input sources with ease. Some off-grid inverters also come with wireless control systems so that you can access them from anywhere in your home. If you purchase a 5kW solar panel inverter in the off-grid format, it is sure to sustain your home for a long time:


  • The battery backup facility is useful as it allows the power source to last for a long time. 
  • They often come with the Maximum Power Point Tracking Facility, which maximizes the output generated from the solar cells. 
  • This solar inverter is ideal for low-light conditions. 


  • The only disadvantage of this product is that the battery is quite expensive.

A grid-tied solar inverter is connected to the utility power grid of your home. This means that the functioning of the inverter is directly dependent on the power grid. They are also known as on-grid solar inverters. Most of the grid-connected 5kW solar panel inverters have a fantastic efficiency of almost 93% which makes them extremely effective and popular. The ones that come without a transformer are usually found to be up to 95% power efficient.

When grid inverters are connected in an array, they are commonly referred to as string inverters. These are best kept in a shaded region to draw the best performance over the longest time.


  • You can save more money with on-grid solar panels because they are cheap and easily installed.
  • You can access backup power from your utility grid, in case the solar system shuts down or fails for some reason. 


The only drawback is that grid-connected solar inverters cannot function when there is a power outage

A hybrid solar inverter has a solar inverter, as well as a conventional inverter, merged into a single unit. Hybrid inverters are quite affordable, which is why they are extensively used in homes today. You can actually use these inverters in more than one mode with the help of plug-in batteries and solar panels. It is almost as effective as a 5kW solar panel inverter, and much more affordable. 


  • You can choose between flexible solar panels and the battery-operated mode with ease
  • The electricity output is minimized


  • This type of 5kW solar panel inverter has few designs in the market.
  • It might seem to be less efficient than battery-operated or solar inverters.

How Much Do You Need To Invest For 5kw Solar Panel Inverters?

If you’re wondering about the solar panel cost, then look no further. Solar NextGen is here to provide you with all the information you need in this regard. 

Although it is not possible to answer specifically in terms of the required investment amount, since various parameters determine the total expenses, you can find budget 3kW solar powered inverters that cost around $800. 

But, when you consider the 5kW solar panel inverters you might be struck by the significant difference in prices of the different models available.

The 5kW solar panel inverters are the most popular ones among Australian households today and can be combined with flexible solar panels up to 6.6kW for effective usage.

If you are looking for 3-phase 5kW solar panel inverters, then you can also choose from the reputed brands such as:

  • Goodwe Inverter
  • Growatt Inverter
  • SolaX Power and many more.

We have here, the best brands of solar panels for home. You can take your pick from premium brands like:

  • Sunpower Solar Panel
  • LG Solar Panel
  • REC Solar Panel
  • QCELL Solar Panel
  • Canadian Solar Panel
  • Jinko Solar Panel
  • Seraphim Solar Panel
  • Trina Panel
  • JA Solar Panel and many more.

A Little More Investment Today, Saves More Tomorrow

Solar NextGen believes in providing you with nothing but the best, and we are dedicated to protecting your money as well!

The low-end 5kW solar panel inverters have been proven to fail often. Besides, they do not always come with desirable warranties that will let you get your money’s worth. On the other hand, since a 5kW solar panel inverter is a long-term investment, getting an expensive one will save you from a lot of additional repair costs in the future. 

Moreover, to encourage us to invest in renewable solar energy, the Australian Government has implemented various tax benefits and zero percent interest scheme as part of their ‘Affordable Energy Plan’. And once you invest in 5kW solar panel inverters you can avail any of the two solar energy reimbursements namely Small Scale Technology Certificates and Feed-in Tariffs to save more.

Ultimately, you enjoy greater savings in the long run!

Why Choose Solar NextGen?

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Well, you’ve come to the right place, as Solar NextGen seeks to lay down the best options for solar inverters before you, all organized in one place. Solar NextGen is a Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved Solar Retailers for providing the most comprehensive range of 5kW solar panel inverters for diverse needs.

Here, you can find products from some of the most prestigious 5kW solar panel inverters companies like
Fronius, Huawei, SMA and Solaredge among others. Now, along with the best 5kW solar panel inverters, you can also choose from top-class solar panels. Hyundai Solar Panel, Risen Solar Panel, Longi Solar Panel, Suntech Solar Panel, and ET Solar Panel are just a few of the top brands that we offer to you!

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So let us together take a step towards creating a greener, cleaner world. 

For more information on 5kW solar panel inverters and solar panels, just give us a call today.