Protect Mother Earth and Save The Future With A 10kW Solar System Today

With the perils of global warming lurking around us, it is already time for us to use our earthly resources judiciously. If we do not take the necessary steps today, we will be pushing ourselves towards suffering major irreparable loss in the near future. 

One brilliant way in which we can start doing our bit to save Mother Earth is by switching over to a renewable source of energy, for example, the sun. Sunlight is a storehouse of infinite potential, much more than we can possibly imagine. And, the best thing is that we can also cut down on domestic electricity bills and save a few extra bucks with the help of a photovoltaic system today.

With the wide range of solar solutions from the house of Solar NextGen, you can also harness solar energy and suffice your needs with a world-class 10 kW Solar System.

A 10kW Solar Panel System For Home – One of the Most Popular Choices In Australia

With growing awareness and the urge to protect our environment, more and more households in Australia are opting for a 10kW solar system today. A 10kW solar system is indeed of a considerable size and is a great choice when it comes to powering up large houses. It is of great value to home office spaces too.

10kW solar systems are available in two main categories: off-grid and grid-connected.

Off-Grid Or Grid-Connected 10kW Solar System - Which One Should You Go For?

Each type of 10kW solar system comes with their unique benefits and features, but which one is more suitable for you?

Let us find out.

A grid-connected 10kW solar system is typically connected to the power supply and does not come with an additional battery backup. This one continues to generate energy even when the battery is not connected with the grid. 

Why go for a grid-connected system?

This type of 10kW solar system allows feeding the extra energy generated back to the grid. This is a hugely advantageous aspect of a 10kW solar panel system that is connected to the grid. The government of Australia offers incentive credits for solar power feed-in systems, which is a wonderful way to encourage the solar system installation in the country. However, these credits often amount to much less than the total amount you need to pay for using normal electricity from the grid.

But, another highly advantageous feature is that, the on-grid 10kW solar system allows consumption of the solar energy that it itself generates. This feature allows the 10kW solar panel system to directly consume as much energy as possible.

So, the more solar energy is consumed by your 10kW solar system, the more money you get to save. And, all the surplus energy is fed back to the grid, which helps you earn credits as well as optimize your overall power expenses.

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If you are planning to buy a 10kW solar system for your farmhouse or property that is located in a remote area with poor access to electricity supply, then a 10kW off grid solar system will be ideal for you. If you look at the battery backup facility of the off grid solar inverter, you will know that it is highly sustainable and is great for low-light conditions too. 

Why go for an off-grid system?

Imagine there is a sudden power outage. Then, with a 10kW solar system with batteries, the flow of power will still be available. This system is more energy-efficient when it comes to households that consume low levels of energy, about 10kWh per day. Surveys reveal that, with such low energy requirements (10 kWh per day), a 10kW solar system can easily fulfill and generate surplus energy for increased domestic consumption.

However, it must be mentioned here that, for a 10kW off grid solar system, the overall costs might be slightly higher due to the expensive batteries. But the benefits that it offers, are totally worth the investment.

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How Much Space Does A 10kw Solar System Need?

10KW Solar System generally requires a lot of space, essentially a spacious roof but when set up properly it can generate a lot of energy. Typically, a 10kW solar system needs about 30 to 40 solar panels for home. Now, these small solar panels are each 1.6-meter x 1 meter in dimension, which means roughly 50 to 70 square meter of roof space is needed to accommodate an entire 10 kW solar panel system.

Solar NextGen brings to you the widest range of the best brands of solar panels:

  • SolaX Power
  • Sunpower Solar Panel 
  • LG Solar Panel
  • REC Solar Panel
  • QCELL Solar Panel
  • Canadian Solar Panel
  • Jinko Solar Panel
  • Seraphim Solar Panel
  • Trina Panel
  • JA Solar Panel
  • Hyundai Solar Panel
  • Risen Solar Panel
  • Longi Solar Panel
  • Suntech Solar Panel
  • ET Solar Panel

How Much Energy Can A 10kw Solar System Generate?

A 10kW solar system consists of an array of small solar panels along with a solar inverter. So, the energy it produces is a cumulative performance of these components. When a 10KW solar system functions seamlessly and efficiently, it can produce approximately 40 to 44 units in a day.
However, this is not absolute because there are two main factors that determine the practical output of a 10kW solar panel system. Before the solar system installation, the geographic location as well as the tilt angle of the solar panels should be taken into consideration, as these significantly contribute towards the output of the system.

Apart from these two factors, other conditions like climate, season, the orientation of solar panels array and their operating temperature are also crucial. Moreover, the solar panels used must be proportionate to the solar inverter capacity.

Whether it is a 5kW solar panel Inverter or otherwise, you can now browse through the best brands of solar inverters here. Brands that we offer include:

  • Fronius Solar Inverter
  • SMA Solar Inverter
  • SMA Sunny Boy
  • ABB Inverter
  • Huawei Inverter
  • Solaredge Inverter
  • Sungrow Inverter
  • Zeversolar Inverter
  • Goodwe Inverter
  • Growatt Inverter
  • SolaX Power

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How Much Does A 10kw Solar System Cost?

While looking for the best 10kW photovoltaic solar system, you will come across various brands, each offering different features at different prices. But, a reliable and efficient 10kw solar system from any of the top solar system retailers can cost around $9,000 to $14,000. It is always better to go for slightly expensive ones that offer reliable performance and manufacturer’s warranty. 

A more rational approach would be to compare the present average cost of a 10kW solar system used for residential purposes. 

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How Much Can You Save With A 10KW Solar System?

Yes, the initial 10kw solar system cost might be on the higher side, but the best part is that you can avail the various schemes launched by the government of Australia for encouraging the use of photovoltaic solar systems. When it comes to home solar system installation, Australia is known for being incredibly affordable prices which offers even greater value to your 10kw solar system package.

Besides, you can also reap the benefits of these 10kW solar panel system during the main payback period, i.e. within 3 to 5 years after your 10KW solar system starts producing energy. Estimates suggest that every month, you can expect to save at least $400 to $600 with your 10KW solar system. In this way, you will be able to save a lot of money in the future. And, when you select a 10KW Solar System from us, you can be sure to enjoy the benefits of your investment for the longest time.

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Why Choose Solar NextGen?

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