Step Forward For A Cleaner Greener Future With Residential Solar From Solar NextGen

Are you planning to take a step towards a cleaner and greener environment? 

Then why not begin from your home? 

Switch over to solar power – install residential solar today. 

As you must already be aware, electricity expenses are rapidly rising each day, not to mention the dangers of global warming that have already raised deep concerns. So making a smart move is all that you need to reduce your monthly power expenses and also save the Earth.

With the cost of residential solar going down remarkably, there can never be a better time to buy a residential solar system in Australia. 

And to help you take the right step, you have Solar NextGen. We bring to you the widest range of residential solar power systems from the top solar system retailers. 

But before you buy residential solar, here are certain things that you would like to know.

Is Your House Suitable For Installing A Residential Solar System?

Now, whether your house is suited for residential solar installation depends on a few factors like –

  • The roof of your house – The direction of the rooftop plays a significant role in installing solar panels for residential homes. Residential solar panels that face the north get maximum sunlight and are therefore more efficient. But south-facing panels can also be quite effective and generate almost 80% of their power rating.
  • Shade around your house – Areas that receive plenty of uninterrupted sunlight are ideal for residential solar panel installation. So you will need to ensure that there are no        areas or structures that block a part of the rooftop.

What Are The Basic Components Of Residential Solar Systems?

In general solar power systems for residential home uses need not be very complex. There are a few basic or core components that you would need for residential solar power units. Let us take a look at them below.

The first component needed is the solar panels for residential use. These are needed to capture the sunlight and transform it into DC electricity.

Now, the number of residential solar panels you will need will largely depend on how much energy you consume per day at home. Australian households generally require roughly 20kWh of energy each day, for which a 5kW residential solar system is useful enough.

Whether it is a 10kW solar system you need or a smaller one for home, you must always check for solar panels that deliver great performance and warranty. Going for premium brands of solar panels for residential homes cost slightly higher but you can be sure of enjoying the best performance.

Here on Solar NextGen, we have got the best residential solar panels from world-class manufacturers. You can choose from the following:

  • Sunpower Solar Panel 
  • LG Solar Panel
  • REC Solar Panel
  • QCELL Solar Panel
  • Canadian Solar Panel
  • Jinko Solar Panel
  • Seraphim Solar Panel
  • Trina Panel
  • JA Solar Panel
  • Hyundai Solar Panel
  • Risen Solar Panel
  • Longi Solar Panel
  • Suntech Solar Panel
  • ET Solar Panel

To find out the residential solar panels cost and buy residential solar p​anels now, simply click here!

The next mandatory component for generating residential solar electricity is a solar inverter. A residential solar inverter is the main device that converts the DC electricity in the home solar panels to AC that is fit for home use. 

Various capacities of inverters are available for home solar systems. Going by thumb rule, the size of the solar inverter needs to be roughly same as the DC marking on the residential solar panel system. Going by the current trends, a 5kW solar inverter is a widely popular choice for residential solar systems in Australia.

You will find different sizes of residential solar inverters here on Solar NextGen. We offer the best brands at the most attractive prices, all organized for your quick access. 

When it comes to buying a residential solar inverter, you can choose from the following residential solar companies:

  • SMA Solar Inverter
  • SMA Sunny Boy
  • ABB Inverter
  • Huawei Inverter
  • Solaredge Inverter
  • Sungrow Inverter
  • Zeversolar Inverter
  • Goodwe Inverter
  • Growatt Inverter
  • SolaX Power

Installing the battery is not mandatory for solar power for residential use. Solar batteries are generally used for commercial solar systems and can be quite expensive. But with the residential solar power systems cost lessening day by day, batteries are also expected to become more affordable very soon. However, if you ever choose to install a battery for your home solar system, make sure that your residential solar energy system supports one.

How Much Do You Need To Spend For A Residential Solar System?

The cost of solar systems for residential homes is totally dependent on the size and capacity of your solar for residential homes. 

But considering the most popular choice of a 5kW home solar system, your residential solar system cost will range at around $5000. Comparing this figure to the thousands of dollars that you have to shell out every month for electricity bills, it will be clear enough that solar power for residential homes cost is indeed worth it!

Moreover, the Australian government has introduced various financial incentives and credit tariffs for those who install solar power for residential homes. You can avail incentives as per the federal Renewable Energy Target (RET), by which the government offers a direct discount on the total expenses for residential solar installation.

And now that residential solar power cost has reduced to more than 55% over the past 5 to 6 years, this is the best chance to switch to residential solar energy systems.

Why Choose Us?

To satisfy all your home solar requirements, look no further, for Solar NextGen presents a versatile repertoire of the best solar power options for residential homes.

Solar NextGen is a Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved Solar Retailers for providing the most extensive range of residential solar system suited for Australian homes. And irrespective of where you stay, we have got our offices nearby in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. 

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