The Rise Of Solar Farms Queensland

If you have enough land to spare and are planning to facilitate more earnings by utilizing it, consider setting up a solar farm Queensland. Leasing out your space for a solar farm Queensland is not just an excellent “green” move that you will make, but it will also become a great source of monetary benefits for you.

Currently, in Australia, there are numerous solar farms and the number of solar farms Queensland is continuously increasing. The initially prevalent uncertainties of policies and market requirements have given way to a highly stable market for solar farms Queensland. The costs of solar panels and solar inverters have also remarkably gone down, all because of the rising demand for solar systems in Australia. So you can feel more confident about investing in a solar farm in Queensland. 

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Are Solar Farms Queensland Same As Commercial Solar Installations?

Large scale solar systems like solar farms Queensland uses the same components and technology like any other solar system. Solar panels and solar inverters are of course essential for building any form of solar energy system. However, a solar farm Queensland is distinctly different from commercial solar systems. 

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While there are plenty of large-scale commercial solar systems, a solar farm Queensland typically requires acres and acres of land to be set up. So the basic parameters of dimensions, location, utility and of course energy output are the main differentiating factors between a normal commercial solar system and a solar farm Queensland. Solar farms Queensland generate energy in the range of megawatts (not just kilowatts) and are mounted on the ground itself (not the roof). Usually, electricity suppliers and factories that have very heavy energy usage requirements build solar farms Queensland.

How Can You Benefit From A Solar Farm Queensland?

You can either be the landowner of a solar farm Queensland or own the solar farm yourself. In any case, you get to enjoy tons of benefits. If you are the solar farm Queensland landowner, you can earn monthly rentals for a long-term by leasing out your land. But maintaining a solar farm Queensland needs huge expenses and expertise, for which this task is better left for experienced developers of solar farms Queensland. 

If you wish to be the owner of the entire solar farm Queensland, you need to choose from any of the three options –

  • Go for a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – Under this agreement, an electricity retailer or large-scale energy consumer can purchase the energy that your solar farm Queensland produces at an agreed rate.
  • Consume the energy generated yourself – This is mainly applicable if you own a huge industrial facility that needs heavy power usage daily.
  • You sell energy in the market – There are open markets and regulated markets in Australia where you can sell the energy produced and generate revenues. However, this can be a highly volatile business idea.

Is Your Land Suitable For A Solar Farm Queensland?

To determine whether your land is ideal to build a solar farm Queensland, you need to consider three parameters –

  1. How much land is available?
  2. Does it receive plenty of sunlight?
  3. Is it close enough to a 3-phase electricity supplier?

General estimates suggest that a solar farm Queensland that generates 1 megawatt of power needs roughly 4 acres of land to be set up.

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