Enjoy Reliability And Reduce Energy Costs With Commercial Solar Systems From Solar NextGen

Planning to develop a more socially responsible business model for your company? 

Well, then you must certainly install a commercial solar system for your organization. Presently in Australia, there is a huge demand for commercial solar systems. Along with government entities, an increasing number of private companies and educational establishments are also switching over to clean and green commercial solar energy systems today. 

To help you find the best commercial solar system easily, Solar NextGen presents the widest array of commercial solar Melbourne from top brands.

What Are The Basic Commercial Solar System Components?

Before choosing commercial solar Brisbane you need to find out all the components that will be required for the setup. A standard commercial solar power plant consists of certain core elements which are connected to the grid, like –

In addition to these components, some commercial solar systems might also need extra off-grid modules such as –

  • Charge Controllers
  • Commercial Solar Batteries
  • Balancing Systems

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Which Size Of Commercial Solar System To Choose From?

There are four distinct sizes of commercial solar systems available in Australia. These are based on the power output generated.

A commercial solar system that generates less than 30 kW of power requires up to 100 commercial solar panels. It can produce electricity of approximately 120 kWh per day as a yearly average. In the case of self-consumption of energy, you can potentially save up to $2000 of energy expenses per month.

A commercial solar power plant of this size is typically suitable for office facilities of medium size, clubs, and small businesses. The local power supply authorities will need to grant special permission for this kind of commercial solar installation that mandates connection to the grid.

Commercial solar systems that generate more than 100 kW of power need special metered connections since these are huge systems. You will be charged by the electric supply authorities based on the commercial solar power output obtained from the meters. These systems are ideal for installing in hotels, wineries, large offices, and medium-sized factories.

To install commercial solar systems with such high range of power output, you will need to get in touch with specialist commercial solar companies who understand the engineering specifics of extensive commercial solar units. If you have a solar farm or a huge retail center, then commercial solar power systems generating more than 250 kW output will be perfect.

Where To Install Commercial Solar Systems?

If you are the owner of a huge industrial premise, then the best place to install a commercial solar system is either on the factory rooftop or the ground. Generally, huge industrial units come with ample rooftop surface that is flat enough for proper commercial solar panel installation. But you can also choose a ground-mounted system within your factory compound if that is more convenient for you. 

Usually, commercial solar power plants are significantly larger than home solar systems and can generate up to several megawatts of power.

So you first need to gauge the energy requirements of your factory and also the available space for commercial solar installation.

How Much Do You Need To Spend For A Commercial Solar System?

To install a reliable commercial solar system that delivers high efficiency, the costs can range between $1000 and $1300 for each kW installed. According to experts, if your business can pay the bills of your current electricity consumption, it can well afford the costs of a commercial solar unit.

Besides, there are various financial schemes and benefits launched by the Australian government, that you can take advantage of.

Enjoy Mindblowing Advantages With Commercial Solar Systems

By switching over to commercial solar power for your company, you can enjoy significant benefits like –

Even though commercial solar installation requires an initial high-investment, you can definitely enjoy lower energy expenses and reduced maintenance costs in the long run.

By installing commercial solar panels, you can harness the energy from the sunlight without worrying about destroying the Earth's existing natural reserves. By incurring a one-time commercial solar panel cost, you can keep on utilizing solar energy till the end of time!

Develop a socially responsible, sustainable business model with a Commercial solar energy system. Commercial solar power systems offer the best way for you to do your bit for the betterment of the environment. Unlike conventional energy sources, solar panels for commercial use do not emit any toxic gases, and thus do not contribute to exhausting the atmospheric ozone layer. Moreover, going eco-friendly can bring a huge boost to your brand image and spread your goodwill of encouraging sustainability for a cleaner greener future.

If you own a small business, then you can avail government schemes launched in Australia for commercial solar installations. You can leverage the tax rebates and incentives with the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) which can optimize your costs of installing a commercial solar system. 

Why Choose Solar NextGen?

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