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Switch To Solar Systems For A Greener World

We are all aware of how slowly yet steadily global warming is creating havoc all over the world. Ocean levels rising, violent tornadoes, unusual heat waves sweeping across the countries – these are just a few of the many nightmares that have turned into a grave reality today. Incidentally, the electric power sector is one of the prime culprits, which is attacking the environment and contributing to these looming dangers.

But thankfully, more and more people are becoming increasingly sensitive to these issues and turning to sources of energy that are friendlier towards the precious environment. Today, instead of seizing the Earth’s natural reserves, countries are thinking about ways to harness energy from the sun and utilize it. And that is exactly why solar systems are gaining tremendous popularity at the present time. 

The Australian Government has remarkably paced up its operations and is expected to add 3200 MW of rooftop solar systems by the end of 2019. Embarked on the same mission to save our Earth from further destruction, Solar NextGen brings to you an extensive portfolio of solar systems to meet the diverse home and commercial requirements. 

We provide a highly versatile range of Solar Inverter, Solar Panels and more that would be needed to complete your solar ecosystem.

Types Of Solar Systems

Based on their uses, solar systems are mainly of two types: residential and commercial solar systems.

Solar panels for home are basically standalone photovoltaic solar systems that generate enough amenity electricity to meet the regular power demands of an entire household. These are quite cost-effective and are generally capable of generating AC power which is essential for home use. 

In a home solar system installation, the basic components are:

  • Solar panels - There must be solar power panels to absorb ample solar energy throughout the day. These are installed outdoors, typically on the roof.

  • Battery - A home solar system that is an off-grid variety, also includes batteries to store solar power for use at night.
  • InverterIn order to transform the solar DC electricity into AC for home consumption, a solar power inverter is needed. You will also find a wide array of solar inverters from top solar system retailers.
  • WiringWires and cables are needed for solar power installation for correct integration of all the different components so that solar energy flow adequately and as desired.

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With the ever-increasing expenses of conventional electricity, the solar energy cost is undoubtedly proving to be a wise investment for any business. As a consequence, more and more companies are turning to this renewable energy source and leveraging the benefits of solar power. Government subsidies and lower solar panel installation cost converts into long-term savings.

Solar NextGen offers a broad range of top-notch commercial solar systems that can cater to all your business needs and help you save more in electricity bills.

A commercial photovoltaic solar system is designed to power-up large commercial premises and bear loads of heavy machinery and industrial appliances.

The main components of these high-capacity solar systems are:

  • Photovoltaic ArrayThis is the core of a commercial solar system and consists of several modules that can be connected in a series of circuits. Usually, Crystalline silicon modules are used, but nowadays cadmium telluride ones are also gaining popularity.
  • Battery BankUsed for storing the excess solar power that is produced, so that it can be used later on when needed. This helps to maximize savings and acts as a robust source of power backup in case of emergencies.
  • Power Conditioning UnitThis component functions similar to the solar inverters and is also used to protect the solar system from short circuits or other electrical faults. A charge controller is used to regulate the input and output of energy from the battery bank.
  • DC-AC DisconnectTo protect human beings from electric shocks during solar system maintenance.
  • Electric MeterAn electric meter for the Solar Power Installation must come with a net metering feature to gauge the flow of energy and the flow direction. This offers convenience during monthly billing.

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Categories Of Solar Systems

Solar systems are designed to serve various purposes and fulfill a variety of large and small scale requirements. In Australia, the most popular choice is the 5kw Solar System, followed by 10kw solar system and above.

Based on the specific needs, solar companies Brisbane in manufacture three main categories: On-grid solar inverterOff grid solar inverter, and hybrid solar inverter systems.

On-grid solar system, also known as grid-connected or grid-feed Photovoltaic Solar System is the most commonly used system all across Australia. This type of Solar Installation does not involve a connection with batteries – it is directly connected to the power grid. So, these photovoltaic systems generate electricity only when the electricity flows through the utility power network.

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A significant advantage of on-grid solar systems is that, if solar electricity is generated in surplus, they can feed it back to the grid for future use. Moreover, this type is simple to install and involves a lower Solar Panel Installation Cost.

Off-grid solar systems come equipped with batteries; these are not connected to the power supply grid. The solar electricity that is generated by off-grid systems can be stored in the batteries and used when needed. Off-grid solar energy cost is slightly higher than the on-grid ones, because of the specialized equipment needed for its installation. 

The best solar installers Melbourne offer efficient installation and solar system service for long-lasting high performance.

The main advantage of off-grid solar systems is that they continue to generate power even during an outage in the utility power grid. 

Hybrid solar systems function similar to the on-grid systems, but these also include special hybrid Solar Power Inverter and Solar Power Panels that store energy to be used later. Since hybrid solar systems can store energy, they make efficient backup systems that can be used for critical loads and emergency power outages.

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Enjoy The Advantages Of A Solar System

With a Solar System Installation, you can enjoy plenty of benefits.

The primary benefit of installing Solar Power for Home or factory is that it is available on all days and can last for our entire lifetimes without the fear of shortage. All countries can use solar energy as much as they need without any hindrance.

One of the greatest advantages of a solar system is that it can deliver power even in the remotest areas of the world where there is no power supply office nearby. So, be it a Solar Power System for Home in far-away farmland or a Commercial Solar System for your factory premises near the foothills, you can harness the power of the sun from any geographical location in this world. Moreover, you get the privilege of doing away with major dependencies on the nearest power supply station. 

Once you start using a solar system, it will automatically reduce the use of electricity thereby lowering the electricity expenses every month. Even if the Solar System Price appears high at first, you will get to save more in the long run. In the case of commercial solar systems, the operational expenses can be curtailed to a large extent by using solar energy.

There are two primary solar energy reimbursements available in Australia - The Small-Scale Technology Certificates and the Feed-in Tariffs that help in lowering the expenses of the solar system and also offer great returns on your investment. The ‘Affordable Energy Plan’ by the Australian Government is a way of encouraging more people to install solar systems by taking loans with zero per cent interest.

There are not many hassles involved in maintaining a solar system. The only requirement is to keep them clean which can be done twice a year with the help of reliable Solar System Service.

Solar Panel Brands That We Offer

We provide models from the following brands of Solar Power Panels for your home solar system:

  • Sunpower Solar Panel
  • LG Solar Panel
  • REC Solar Panel 
  • Jinko Solar Panel
  • Seraphim Solar Panel
  • Trina Panel
  • JA Solar Panel
  • Hyundai Solar Panel
  • Risen Solar Panel
  • Longi Solar Panel
  • Suntech Solar Panel
  • ET Solar Panel

Solar Inverter Brands That We Offer

We bring to you the following brands of solar inverters:

  • Fronius Solar Inverters
  • SMA Solar Inverter
  • SMA Sunny Boy
  • ABB Inverter
  • Huawei Inverter
  • Solaredge Inverter
  • Sungrow Inverter
  • Zeversolar Inverter
  • Goodwe Inverter
  • Growatt Inverter
  • SolaX Power

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