How Much Do Solar Panels Cost? Is It Worth Investing?

With the skyrocketing costs of electricity every year, most Australians are considering solar system installation today. But what seems to be an important factor influencing purchase decision is the costs involved. Solar power can be pretty expensive that includes solar panels cost, along with expenses for solar inverters, mounting framework etc. 

Now, are you wondering if you should bear such high solar panels cost? Are you thinking of buying solar panels will be worth the money? 

Well, let us at Solar NextGen help you decide. Solar NextGen, one of Australia’s top solar panels retailers and approved by CEC, is powered by a team of experienced consultants who will guide you in this regard.

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Solar Panels Costs – What Do Market Trends Reflect?

There has been a significant reduction in solar panels price ever since the solar system became popular among Australian households and business. And solar system prices have also lowered. And if you backtrack a couple of years, you will be amazed to see that solar panels cost has reduced considerably. The extreme competition among top solar panels brands has led to this price drop, for the solar system retailers to remain viable in the market. 

Since the latter half of 2016, solar panels cost had reduced to almost 40 cents for every watt. Affordability of solar panels cost triggered the highest rate of solar panels installation among all other countries. And the solar panels cost that you need to bear today will already be greatly subsidized, thanks to the government’s solar rebates and incentives. 

To offer you a rough idea, you can expect to directly save up to 650 AUD for every kW of solar system installation.

As of November 2019, the approximate cost of solar system installation with A-grade solar panels cost included is expected to range roughly from:

  • 3000 to 4500 AUD for 2kW solar system with 7 solar panels
  • 5000 to 9000 AUD for 6.6kW solar system with 22 solar panels
  • 8000 to 12000 AUD for 10kW solar system with 33 solar panels

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Any Additional Expenses Added To Solar Panels Cost?

The entire solar system installation will, of course, include expenses for other components too, like –

  • Mounting system cost: To affix the solar panels to the platform (ground or rooftop), mounting systems are needed. It is important to invest in a good quality mounting system for durability since it will weather all the external forces like wind and hail.
  • Balance of system: Balance of System (BOS) refers to all the various components like wires, cables, switches, and the most important thing the solar inverter. BOS ensure the overall functioning of the solar system and will constitute roughly half the total expenses incurred. 

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  • Solar system installation: Solar panels must be installed by qualified professionals so that the manufacturer warranty on solar panels remains valid. The good news is that you can avail upfront and heavy rebates as per the government schemes – like the STC. But remember you need to engage CEC-approved electricians to be eligible for the STC scheme. 

Solar NextGen is a CEC-certified organization and also one of the best solar panels retailers in Australia. You can now avail the hottest deals on solar panels prices and installation too.

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Choose Solar NextGen To Avail The Best Solar Panels Cost

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