LG Solar Panels

LG Solar Panels

LG is a known and trusted name in the market for electrical goods. It has been operating since 1958. The solar cells and solar modules coming out from the house of LG need no introduction owing to their top-notch quality. LG Solar Panels have already secured a high position in this industry when a wave of consolidation is so prevalent. LG is responsible for the complete manufacturing of the solar panels starting from, processing of the silicon wafer to the cells and finally the end product. 

The stringent quality processes in manufacturing the modules at factories owned by LG make these Solar Panels the best option. The panel testing methods and facilities of LG are counted among some of the bests in the world. There are many Solar panel brands in the world but as far as credibility and quality are concerned then LG Solar Panels are by far the best choice. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that Solar NextGen is a CEC certified solar retailer and they provide a wide array of solar solutions. They are the one point contact for LG solar Trina solar panels. 

What are the features of LG Solar panels?

  • Tried and tested field performance. 
  • Low LID (Light Induced Degradation) 
  • Extensive testing program
  • Stringent quality control which increases the longevity 
  • Robust double-walled frame and corners attached with strong screws to protect from the load during cyclones 
  • Many layers of anti-reflective coating for increased output
  • Positive tolerance
  • Can perform impressively in high temperature
  • Anti-Potential induced degradation technology
  • Cello technology to absorb solar energy effectively
  • Great consistency of the panels. 
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Why choose LG solar panels?

If you are wondering why you should choose LG solar panels then there are a good many reasons for choosing it over other solar panels. 

  • The LG Solar panels ensure 0/+3% power tolerance which means you will pay for the watts that you get exactly, this ensures no superfluous expenditure. 
  • The anti-PID technology helps the panels to generate more electricity output because it efficiently decreases the potential induced degradation to secure the electricity being yielded. 
  • The lightweight designs and the uniform panels with double-walled frame and joints tightly secured with strong screws increase the longevity and withstanding power of the solar panels. 
  • The in and out quality check is done in the specialized laboratories of LG. which ensures the consistency of the panels and this means you are investing in the best solar panels worth every penny you invest. 
  • LG solar panel cost is pretty reasonable because of a number of reasons such as the installation cost is pretty less compared to other solar panel brands. These will cut down your monthly electricity bill hence are pretty great as solar panels for home with great electricity output because of the various technologies used. 
  • In terms of appearance, the solar panels look impressive with the black anodized frame and the 12 wire busbars. 


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