LG Neon 2

The Next Generation of Solar Modules For Your Needs

The LG Neon 2 solar panel is one of the best newcomers in the world of solar modules. The company, LG, keeps in mind that the energy generated by solar panels changes on a day to day basis, depending upon the temperature and weather conditions of the period. The unique feature of LG's solar panels is that they are made with free-flowing electrons, which means that they can maintain lower temperatures even when it is quite hot outside. This gives the LG Neon 2 the ability to produce 21 percent more energy than any other PHP panel.

Features Of The LG Neon 2

Here are some of the features of the LG Neon 2 solar panels. For more information, you can also take a look at Solar NextGen.

  • High-quality N-type wafers
  • Newly reinforced frame design
  • Separated electrical current
  • Circular shaped wires
  • Free-flowing electrons
  • Optical absorption enhancement

Why Choose LG Neon 2?

If you are looking for reasons to invest in LG solar, here are some of the most major advantages that you will be getting from the product.

The device uses Cello technology, which replaces the conventional busbars to absorb even more solar energy better. This technology makes the solar panel cost totally reasonable and worthwhile.

During the daytime, the panel absorbs more solar power from the front and back and stores it for the times there is not enough sunlight, like in the mornings and the evenings.

With the LG Neon 2, you will have the option to choose from two different types of solar panels. The first one is the 72 cell, which is adequate for commercial projects. The second one is the 60 cell, which is easier to install in residential areas. It is lightweight and easily portable, which makes it an easy fit in a compact modern home. It can also enable you to avoid places with too much shade, which ensures that all the cells of the solar panels for home are in direct sunlight and are being utilized completely.

The materials used in the LG Neon 2 can withstand a ton's worth of snow, as well as stand firm against winds that are 208 mph in speed. It is definitely far more durable and effective than all its other competitors in the market. This is a really big advantage when compared to other solar power Brands. You can check out Solar NextGen for more information on this.

The LG Neon 2 uses thin black wires to create an ultimately sleek design that can go with the aesthetic of any house. So if you’re worried about what solar panels will ultimately match with the design of your lovely home, you can rest assured that the LG Neon 2 will do it complete justice.

The warranty and guarantee offered by this product give you complete protection against damage, so you can purchase one of the best solar panels without an iota of doubt.