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Solar Panel

Solar Panels can reduce the Carbon Footprint

It can also reduce the greenhouse effect. 

Our solar solutions make up for the best in the market, catering to all your requirements.

Solar panels show the way to clean energy

In this age of global warming and increasing carbon footprint, the questions that frequently cross our minds are ‘would we be able to leave back a clean ecosystem for the next generation?’’what can we do to give them the best, still, even when the temperatures are rising and the glaciers are melting?’ With water levels going down at an alarming level, we still have one resource left with us to solve all our issues- the Solar Energy. And, realizing how important it could be in reducing the carbon footprint on the face of mother nature is the state of Queensland, Australia, which is also called the ‘Sunshine State”.

Be it solar panels for homes or solar panels for apartments, the state is gradually progressing to the future, governed by green energy. Promoting renewable energy to the extent of adopting it at a massive scale, the state leads the nation in solar penetration. And backing the government’s idea are solar energy retailers like Solar Nextgen. Excelling in the manufacturing of a range of solar panels, including LG Solar panels, Trina solar panels, and LG Neon 2, all serving different requirements for energy, Solar Nextgen is the one-stop-shop for the best solar panel deals

Costs of installing solar panels

As expensive it may sound, solar panels installation can serve you an overall purpose of saving your expenses at a larger scale. Let’s compare the costs that are incurred in Queensland as compared to the national average and you would be in for a surprise! 

It costs anything between $3,000 and $13,000 to purchase and install a new solar panel and battery in Queensland. This is far less than the national average of $4,000 to $14,000 that includes the solar panels installation cost in cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney. However, it all depends on the quality of the solar panel that you are choosing. Experts advise, go for the best solar panels, even though it means investing more. Flexible solar panels, or instance have taken the market by rave because of their light weight and portability. This means, you can save energy anywhere you go. To further clear your doubts, they can even be rolled or folded and can also perform in low-light areas which rigid solar panels fail to do.

Solar panel benefits

Consider these important benefits of installing a solar panel at home, which will certainly encourage you to consider this renewable source of energy:

It is a renewable source of energy:

 Solar rays reach in every corner of the World and there is no dearth of it unlike the hydro energy. This form of energy will be available to us or the next 5 billon years.

It reduces the electricity bill

Forget those huge settlements you had to make every month with the electricity board. With solar power, you save enough money to invest in more important things. Not just that, you may also receive payments for the surplus energy that you send back to the grid, if they are connected.

Solar panels have diverse applications:

 It can be used in areas which do not have electricity grids. It can also be used  to distill water in regions with limited clean water supplies and to power satellites in space. 

Government tax benefits:

There are two primary solar energy rebates available in Australia- The Small-Scale Technology Certificates and the Feed-in Tariffs that can not only reduce the cost of solar and get easy return on investment. The ‘Affordable Energy Plan’ launched by the government of Australia is a way of encouraging non-users to install solar panels by taking loans with zero rate of interest.

What to consider while buying residential solar system

One would often go by solar panel deals offered by various retailers. However, it is recommended to consider the following tips before installing that solar panel on your roof.  

Solar Panel Price:

Do not go for cheap products. Understand , you get what you pay for. Cheap products will either have poor quality equipment or poor installation work. Also, ensure that the products are bought from renowned companies like Solar Nextgen that specialize in both residential and commercial solar system, solar panel inverters and solar panel with battery. It is important to realize that even if these companies charge more, they keep the safety and quality parameters intact. As far as cheap companies are concerned, they may offer you subsidized rates, but by cutting on the important edges. 

Solar Panels to charge battery:

The requirement for energy varies from home to commercial hubs. First decide on how much energy do you need to recharge the battery. Let’s assume you take a completely discharged 100-amp hour battery and charge it with a 30-watt solar panel under ideal summer light conditions. It will take more than a week to charge the entire battery. This means you would need a 100-watt solar panel to charge a 100-amp battery. Use the same logic to understand your own commercial or domestic requirements and then plan on buying the best solar panel size, suiting your requirements.  

Efficiency of the solar inverter:

Inverters are machines interfacing between the DC electricity generated by the solar panels to the AC volts required to run your equipment. You first need to judge the capacity of the inverter that you have, before purchasing a system. The efficiency of the inverter will have a direct impact on the amount of time it takes for the system to function. It must also be realized that less electricity will be wasted in the heat produced during the conversion from DC to AC. It is, therefore, recommended to go for the best solar panels in Brisbane like the Solar Nextgen. 

Solar panel mounting:

The mounting that you choose should be certified, depending on the area you reside. Be it roof mounting or ground mounting, look for wind- and cyclone-certified panels, which means that the mounting systems and the brackets are cyclone rated. This is an important aspect that is usually ignored by suppliers. Make sure that you ask about wind certification when you invest in the panel. 

As per a recent climate council report, the government of Queensland is expecting to have 1 million homes get into the solar circuit by 2020. Further to this, it is taking all possible actions to ensure that households and commercial spaces are encouraged to adopt solar energy as a way of life to turn the country carbon footprint-free in the recent future.

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