SolaX Inverter

SolaX Inverter

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With the increased attention towards the proper use of renewable energy which is required not only to reduce energy costs but also for the sustainability of the environment, the increased use of solar energy is becoming more common. One of the most common ways to use solar energy is through a solar inverter that converts charge from photovoltaic cells to usable Alternating Current (AC).

Solar NextGen is a CEC-certified solar system retailer from where you can find detailed information and best prices on the top solar inverter brands like SolaX Inverters. 

SolaX is based out of Hangzhou in China and it has produced some quality products overtime to position itself as a market leader. With presence in over 47 countries around the world and a R&D focused approach towards development of solar inverter for home, the company is making sure that renewable energy of the sun is being utilized properly and cost-effectively so that the energy costs continue to reduce for the consumers and the environment is also preserved thus making it one of the best solar inverters available in the market.

What are the salient features of SolaX Inverter?

The SolaX Inverter has got many excellent features that are responsible for making it one of the best solar inverter brands. The solar inverter cost from this brand is also extremely competitive and thus making it an excellent choice for many consumers. 


Among the many excellent features of SolaX Inverter below mentioned are a few:

  • The inverters boast an excellent efficiency of 97.8%.
  • They can operate at a maximum of 600 Volts DC in the input.
  • The solar inverter is smart and has options for monitoring its performance and condition online.
  • The inverters support Wii connectivity and have got the “Smart Plug” feature which helps in controlling the inverter remotely.
  • Environmentally this solar inverter for home is extremely good and has got IP65 environmental protection.
  • The THD levels for the inverter are less than 1% and the fanless design of the X1 series of inverters makes them almost noiseless with a negligible noise level of 25dB.

Multiple certifications G83/2; G59/3; AS4777.2-2015; VDE4105; EN50438 and CQC; VDE0126 make SolaX Inverter a very reliable choice for most consumers.

Why buy SolaX Inverter?

As mentioned in the Solar NextGen portal this brand is a giant among the many brands that produce solar inverter. 

SolaX Inverter boasts many excellent features and reasons why they can be among the first choice of many consumers however some of the key reasons why consumers prefer to choose this particular brand include the quality of the products they produce which reflects from the multiple certifications it has got along with the various high-quality features that have been mentioned earlier.

Solar inverter cost is an important thing that drives the decision to the buying of a particular brand of inverter and in this regard, it must be mentioned that the inverters from this brand are also very cost-effective given the fact that they have extremely high efficiency.