SMA Inverter

SMA Inverter

SMA Inverter - A Global German Based Brand That Has Made Its Mark On The Australian Market

When it comes to a solar inverter, probably no name sounds as largely and as prominently as Germany based SMA Inverter, the best and 5 star rating solar inverter. Since its inception in 1981, the company has been manufacturing solar inverters for both residential and commercial purposes. SMA Inverter has been widely regarded as one of the top 10 solar inverters manufacturing brands in the world and deserves this place completely. Its products have been used in places like the White House and the Papal Audience Hall in Vatican City. Considering the extent to which SMA has made its name in the solar inverter industry, it is certainly one of the most trustworthy brands in the market today. Solar NextGen has more information on the SMA Inverter brand, should you be interested.

Types of SMA inverters

  • Sunny Boy: single phase solar inverter
  • Sunny Tripower: 3 phase solar inverter
  • Sunny Tripower Core 1: inverters for commercial places 
  • Sunny Boy Storage: battery storage inverters 
  • Sunny Island: off-grid solar inverters or chargers with multiple modes.

Why choose SMA Inverter?

Of course, to choose a brand, one must be aware of all the benefits it will ultimately bring home. When you choose an SMA inverter here are some of the things that you can be sure of getting.

SMA inverter is a German brand, and since German solar inverters are famous for their efficiency and unparalleled technological innovations, you too will reap the benefits of the same when you purchase a product from this company.

One of the main reasons why SMA has lasted this long in the solar inverter for home industry is its efficiency. It is one of the most durable solar inverters you will encounter- one that will last you for a good decade or maybe more. The brilliant output provided by the solar inverters also makes them a matchless name in the game. You can read more about these inverters and other solar inverter brands on Solar NextGen.

Before they leave the manufacturers, each SMA product goes through several rigorous tests. This ensures the quality of the product and its durability in the long run. 

SMA has been creating solar power products and photovoltaic cells for more than 38 years. It can be argued, therefore, that the company’s presence in years has lent it the experience it needs to produce and create some of the best solar inverters the world has seen.

Some more features of an SMA inverter

The SMA solar inverter can work hard to maintain its efficiency even in the often unforgiving climate of the Australian landscape. 

It is difficult to pinpoint the solar inverter cost of the SMA products in general as the price will depend on the type of product chosen. However, broadly speaking, the solar inverters cost quite reasonable amounts, considering how much they deliver in terms of output.