Leaving Solar On the Back Burner Can Cost Thousands of Dollars

 the warmth starts setting in the air and the days get longer, it is time to dust and wash the BBQ. You would be astonished to know that for many Solar NextGen customers, summer means power bills equaling to $0. But you might be confused as to how can you not get higher power bills when you have pool pumps and air conditioners running during hot and humid afternoons?

The answer is solar panels which will put significant solar power to run all the electrical amenities in your home not only to be used in the daytime, but excess power is also stored to be utilized at night.

It is by this that you will earn extra credit on your power bills even during the summer months.

Why should not you miss out on the best months for solar power?

If you plan to put solar panels for home on the back burner till the summer months then you can save up to $1000.

There are many solar panel types and they differ in functionality and effectiveness. For instance, while a 6kw solar panel can help you save about $1000 by the end of summer, a 10kw one can increase your savings to $2000. This is because all the power you are using is being generated in your home, and the cost of it is around 25 cents/kWh. You might know but many households have to pay multiple times more than this amount owing to the ever-increasing price of electricity.

Will the solar rebate be reduced?

If you keep tracks on the happenings of the solar industry then you would know that earlier a solar rebate or what we call a subsidy was being offered, and it was supposed to go on till 2030. You would find numerous solar panels reviews mentioning this rebate as well and how it improved the lives of several households. 

While earlier a small scale technology certificate was being issued for every 1000 kilowatt-hours of technology, now the same is being offered only once a year because we are nearing towards 2030.

If you have installed or planning to install cheap solar panels Melbourne this year then you would enjoy a deeming period of 11 years and this reduction will be zero after 31st December 2030.

So this implies that even if you decide to invest in an average size solar package, the solar panel price would be much cheaper than the cost of electricity you will have to pay otherwise. Always remember, the bigger the system the more money you are likely to save if you install it by the end of this year.

Is there a chance of the government rebate getting scrapped?

A round of rumors suggested that the government is considering abolishing the rebate, but nothing can be confirmed until now.

But the honest and wise advice even if the rebate gets scrapped is that you would not be able to save as much as you can by installing the best flexible solar panels.

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