How to setup Fronius wifi

Setting up Fronius Wi-Fi will require you to follow several steps. But before you start, make sure that you know your Wi-Fi password. Also, you should have a tablet or a smartphone handy. 

Now that you have all handy, let’s begin with the step by step guide to set up Fronius Wi-Fi.

1. Take your device, connect it with the internet and visit This will take you to their App Store, you will need to click and download the Fronius Solar.web Live App from there. Once you have done that, open it and you will see a red button at the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on that.

2. The screen will then be re-directed to the next page, where you will get ‘Set Up my Fronius Inverter’ button. Click on that. You will get a list of options, click on the topmost option called Grid-Connected Inverter.

3. Then go to your inverter and open its menu. You can do it by pressing the third button from the left. Scroll through the set-up and then you need to press enter. You can then scroll down to the Wi-Fi access point followed by hitting on the enter button. You will get an option called Activate Wi-Fi AP. Click on that.

4. You will then see that the default Wi-Fi password has changed to 12345678. Look on your device and go to the Wi-Fi settings. You can then connect with your Wi-Fi hotspot by typing in the default password. Once your device gets connected, click on to open Solar.web Live App. 

5. You will then get an option called Solar.web Wizard, click on that and you will get spaces to fill in all your details. Do that. Remember that the feed-in tariff will vary according to your location.

6. You will then have to enter the date, time and time zone. Once done, press enter. Give a name to your system. You will also need to enter the PV power in Watts. Press enter and click on yes at the pop-up. You can then select your home’s Wi-Fi from the drop-down list, enter the password and hit the select option.

7. Then you will have to go out of the app, tap on the Wi-Fi settings and connect your device to your home Wi-Fi. Go back to the app once again and wait for the network connection. When you reach the next screen after minutes, press forward. Enter the password on both the boxes and then click on Finish.

Once you have done this, you will be redirected to the web page so that you can create an account. Click on the register option, fill in all the details and click next. You will be taken to the next page, click on the submit option. Solar.web will send you a confirmation link, click on that. Go back to the app and click on the button at the bottom right. Enter your email with the password and the set-up process is complete.

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