How Long Do Solar Panels Last

If you are buying branded Solar Panels from the tier-I retailers like Solar NextGen then the standard lifetime is about 25 years. But statistics show that solar panels can work even after 25 years, but the warranty says that the panels would be 80 percent efficient after 25 years. 

Although the setup cost of Solar Panels For Home might seem hefty to you, over the years you would be able to save sufficiently in your monthly power bills. 

What does the standard warranty of solar panels suggest?

As mentioned, the typical warranty for most solar panels is not more than 25 and it implies that up to the 25th year, the solar panels would be working at their peak efficiencies. 

Although some manufacturers are offering either 85% efficiency or warranty of 30 years, these are outliers and you should not consider this while buying any Solar Panel Types

Some solar panels also come with a workmanship warranty and it intends to cover any manufacturing defects, like a faulty frame or junction box. In the case of a workmanship warranty, the standard is 10 years, although some manufacturers are willing to offer it for 20 years or so. 

How you can receive good ROI by investing in solar panels?

If you willing to receive good ROI then read up some Solar Panels Reviews and you would find existing users mentioning how solar panels have become a smart investment for them. Go and find up an ROI calculator and after putting in some data you would find that most online calculators would give you the ROI based on the period of 20-25 years. If you get any extra mileage on top of this, consider this as a bonus. 

Although there is not a probability of 100% that solar panels would perform effectively after they have outlived their warranty, but most solar panels continue to deliver a less effective performance even after their lifespan is over. 

If your Solar Panel Price is paid off and even after that the panels keep running, then your ROI would be stretched beyond the estimated ROIs provided by the online calculators. 

How to extend the lifespan of your solar panels?

The best flexible solar panels are something you can rely on, but you still might have to repair or replace some of the parts of the panels, like the batteries and invertors to keep the panels functional. One thing to be kept in mind, regardless of the cheap solar panels Melbourne you are purchasing is that the inverters have a shorter life compared to the solar panels and you might have to replace them at least once or twice. 

The best way to ensure that your solar panels deliver the best during the lifespan or even exceeds its lifespan is to check whether everything seems right at the time of installation. You will have to manually keep an eye on the racking to ensure that whether the wiring is secure. 

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