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Are Solar Panels Worth It?

With the increased awareness of the benefits associated with the usage of #solar panels, #solar energy has now become a trending topic!

If you’re among the people who are still wondering if you should switch to solar energy, read on and you might get your answer.


Save On Your #Power Bills

Most of us (well, unless you’re living under a rock) are aware of how #solar #panels can help in reducing your electricity bills. How, you ask?

Well, for the beginners, #solar panels run on solar energy, which is a truly #renewable energy source. In other words, we can never run out of solar #energy! This is genuinely an important thing to consider as most of the other sources that are currently in use are non-renewable i.e., there are chances of us not having them in the near future.


Earn a Rebate from Unused Electricity

Not only does the solar PV system help you save on your bills, if your system is connected to the grid, depending on your energy-usage, you might be able to export/sell the unused power to your electricity retailer! On top of that, the connection to the grid would serve as a back-up for the times when you have issues with your system.

Confused? Text us and know how we can help you with this.


Low Maintenance Costs

Contrary to the popular belief, #solar energy systems do not required a lot of maintenance. As solar panels are still a relatively new concept, people believe that the system might need a timely maintenance.

Guess what? Once you get the system installed, you can definitely expect to not spend a huge amount on the maintenance!

Did you know? We, at Solar Nextgen, offer 20-25 years performance #warranty.


Make Your Property More Appealing

As you might already be aware of, going #solar is the new trend. In the view of that, it’d be safe to say that the demand for #solar power is growing immensely!

Certainly, having a #solar PV system adds to the market value of your house. Now, isn’t that a win-win?


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