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Queensland Solar Panel Retailer & Installer

At Solar NextGen, we believe that “the sun is there for everyone”. With more than 2 decades of experience, we have mastered the art of using solar energy for our clients. Started as an R & D facility to explore new solar technologies, Solar NextGen is now one of the best certified solar retailers in Queensland, Australia.

The innovation has not stopped yet. Driven by the desire to bring solar technology to everyone in Australia, today we use our knowledge to offer a variety of solar thermal and solar roof products along with maintenance services. We offer a range of solar systems brands of Solar Inverters and Solar Panels, including the 3 KW solar system, the 5 KW solar system and the 10 KW solar system.

Do your part and request a free solar energy offer, so you can move to this excellent source of alternative (and certainly cheaper) energy.

Helping Queensland to Reduce Electricity Bills

With solar energy, you are closer to reducing your overhead and getting rid of worries about unexpected bills.

The sun always shines. And if that is not the case, the backup battery will take care of your needs.

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Solar Packages

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One of the Most Trusted Solar Companies in Brisbane, Australia


Our five-star support gives you the confidence you need to solve it in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go for the reliable and most valuable solar power solution option available!



We review your property and suggest optimal solution taking into account the Address of the house, exposure to Sun and other factors.



We take care of the complete installation process using our proven technology with the best trained professionals.



Regardless of whether you are a new user of solar energy or have an existing system, we offer a full annual maintenance contract that will address any problems you encounter.

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